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Who We Are


It all starts with a story.  Our story started 7 years ago with those twin ingredients of all interesting entrepreneurial stories, Vision and Passion.  It started in a land hostile to the counterfeit, that ruthlessly weeds out the sunshine videographers: Southern California.  We survived the refiner’s fire through ambition, innovation, and by just making a mighty fine product.  We believe our formula is simple, yet rarely used correctly within the industry:

Emotion creates engagement.  And engagement creates customers.

Shade Tree creates emotion.  We are visual storytellers that use video to connect your brand to customers on an emotional level.  We make them feel as we bring your brand to life.

So, our story is far from over.  Today we focus our unique characteristics of creativity and business savvy on helping businesses, small and large, connect with their customers.  From companies like Pixar and Target to local Mom and Pop’s, we create the feeling behind your brand that converts viewers to customers.

It’s time your story is told.  Allow Shade Tree to help.

Meet the Cast:

Chad Brown , Chief Maker Of Magic

Chad Brown, Chief Maker Of Magic

Shelton Bischof , Mr. Manager

Shelton Bischof, Mr. Manager